3 weirdest items ever left in our bags

So sometimes we can get the odd thing or two left in a bag upon its return to us. The majority of the time it’s something boring like lippy, I.D, Medicare card, false eyelashes. Always false eyelashes!!
Things we just send straight back to the customer (or throw in the bin.)
Sometimes though we do get the odd item left behind where we scratch our head and go “what the eff???” 
Below is a list of our top 3 and they are all true.
1. The Nutella sachet
Remember the tiny little tubs of Nutella you’d have in your lunch box at school?
Imagine having one left behind in a beautiful Nude coloured YSL handbag.
Naturally our bags do experience all sorts of whether when they are on their journeys to & from us.
Sitting in the Aus Post delivery van on a hot summers day will send temperatures rising causing a little teeny tiny bit of Nutella to make a big poo stain mess.
Our beloved bag was sent off to be fully cleaned after the Nutella explosion of 2017!
2. The White Substance
We totally understand that our customers love to party. We do to…. Occasionally…. By that I mean stay up past 10pm!
We recently had one item returned to us with a small ziplock like bag filled with a suspicious white substance (which wasn’t washing powder)
We had a giggle to ourselves then threw the bag into the bin.
3. The pink g banger
When our bags are returned to us the first thing we do is a little inspection check to look for damage, scratches or stains. On one occasion we opened up one of our YSL small satchels to find a very sexy sheer  hot pink G-String!! We must admit we were a little taken aback asking ourselves “why did you take your knickers off and stuff them into a bag?” That same day we were contacted by the lovely lass who had hired the bag. She was extremely apologetic, said she’d never do it again and can she have her lingerie express posted back to her.
We happily obliged!

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