A little bit about Style Secret

Style Secret has been running for over two years now and the journey has been an absolute roller coaster with lots of ups, downs and thrills.

Since the birth of SS back in April 2015 we've seen our collection grow from a handful of ok bags to a vast mass of Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton and Givenchy.

Our headquarters is now our own version of heaven with rows upon rows of luxe items.

Style Secret is our passion and something we live and breathe 24/7.

Watching our baby go from nothing to Australia's largest handbag hire company is an achievement we are so proud of.

We believe that every woman should be entitled to access to designer items no matter her budget, we've made the process painless and simple without having to leave the house.

Hiring can be your little secret nobody needs to know that you don't actually own the bag.  

A quick breakdown of our rental periods is as below:

Weekend Hire: Delivered by Friday 5pm - returned in the post Monday by 5pm

Weekly Hire: Delivered by your selected date and in your hot little hands for 7 days

Monthly Hire: We have two options for monthly hire, if you are a member of our club you are entitled to monthly hire of any of our bags for just $195 per month.

Monthly hire usually costs from $200-$600 depending on the bag so if you are a lover of handbags with a busy social life then our club is for you!  

We get asked if our bags are authentic and yes they are 100%.

We only buy our bags from respected retailers and never buy second hand.

One of our fave stores to buy from is Reebonz. They have some incredible items!

We are always happy to show proof of purchase upon request as we know there are some hire companies out there that are loaning out replica items.  

We love to hear from you so please if you have any further questions just email us! hire@stylesecret.com.au  


Xx Style Secret

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