High end sales assistants. Judgemental or not?

We all do it, we all give one another the once over when meeting for the first time, out with girlfriends or even just walking by one another in the street. We sum up in three seconds whether we liked what we saw. I am a believer that women dress for women and not men, after all how many men actually know what name brand items we are wearing head to toe? Certainly not my husband! I conducted a mini experiment recently to see just how powerful the perfect designer accessory can be. Personally I feel a little more confident, classier and more look at me when I carry a gorgeous designer handbag (hence the birth of style secret). My self esteem rises that little bit extra and I feel like a million dollars (or a few thousand). Getting back to the experiment, I frequented a number of high end boutiques to answer the age old question. Do sales assistants treat us differently when we’re carrying a designer handbag over our cheaper everyday bags, or is it just paranoia on our behalf? When put to the test the outcome was hardly surprising. The Melbourne Emporium is one of my favourite fashion destinations offering a haven of designer brands but i will not name the stores which i visited as we don’t need to name and shame. I first frequented the stores with my $2 charity bag bought from Cotton On, as a mother it is a good staple and used to quickly throw some nappies and wipes in and run out the door. I teamed the bag with a casual jumper from Witchery and a pair of Nobody jeans. Every store i visited was a cold reminder that we are quickly given the once over and then given a thumbs up or thumbs down. I was not acknowledged by any sales assistants in any of the stores i went into (six in total). Feeling down and out with my confidence now completely shot i did what any woman in my position would do! I went to the closest food court and stuffed my face! Two days later wearing the exact same outfit but ditching my $2 cotton on tote for my favourite bag of the moment, the Louis Vuitton Louise MM in black (which retails for a cool $2,700.) I frequented the same six stores. In every store I was given the smile of approval, politely greeted, asked if there was anything in particular i was after and 5 out of 6 times complemented on my bag. It seems when it comes to high end stores some sales assistants do judge a book by its cover or a woman by their bag. Have you every had a similar experience to mine? I know I have been the victim of sales assistant neglect many times over. Do you feel it’s a frustrating experience or simply shrug it off? Let us know your thoughts.

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