Do you ever pop onto YouTube to watch just the one video and then find yourself 20 videos deep and the time is now 11pm instead of 9pm?

Whatever it is that you may love to watch whether its Makeup Tutorials, Unboxing, funny cat videos or the worlds best fails, we all have our guilty pleasures and ours is watching the craftmanship of some of our favourite designers. Hermes, Chanel, Gucci and more! It’s even that little bit more exciting when you own the same item being made before your eyes.

Have a look below at some our faves:

 The best 90 seconds on YouTube. Who else is in love with that Boy!

Love Louis Vuitton? So do we! This clip shows you a little more history into the French power house!

 Such amazing delicate work going into this gorgeous Gucci

 The classic Diorever, such a beauty.


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