How to spot a fake Saint Laurent bag

Designer handbags are a symbol of wealth, status & power, they make us feel and look like a million dollars (or a few thousand) but sadly not all of us can afford these beautiful items so we look to purchase elsewhere.

Enter the world of counterfeit goods!

Every year billions of dollars worth of fake designer items are seized around the world (roughly $600 billion).

This booming industry has made luxury an affordable commodity amongst us. But can a fake ever beat the real deal? Not in our books!

We’ve put together some of our tips when purchasing a Saint Laurent handbag and pointed out a few things to look out for to make sure you are not getting scammed.  

What to look out for: An authentic Saint Laurent bag should never have a cheap looking tag hanging off it! Even if it says genuine leather/authentic. They’re all fake!

Saint Laurent bags have a serial number embossed on the inside of the bag (sometimes they can be tricky to read from the stiffness of the leather but they are there)

The Saint Laurent name should be engraved on the circles around the chain holes, above any tassels as well as being stamped on the inside of the bag in capital letters with the N and T on both Saint and Laurent being joined together. Paris should also be embossed underneath the Saint Laurent stamp  on the inside of the bag. This applies for dust bags and boxes.

The inside stamp should be straight and neat not slanted. It should also be in a certain font (see pic). Anything else and i’m affraid you have a fake! All chains should be sturdy and well made. If you have a bag with a tassel then the tassel should be thick and full not skinny and out of place with the proportion of the bag. Zippers should glide smoothly and without tension.

The YSL logo hardware should not be slanted or severely indented into the leather.  


Some handy tips:

We always recommend buying from a brands respective store or a legitimate retailer like David Jones, Harrolds or Miss Louise (in Melbourne)

Buy a Prada tote from the Prada store or Louis Vuitton clutch from your local Louis Vuitton boutique! Not only will you get great customer service and gorgeous packaging but you can also pop into your local boutique if anything happens to your bag like if it needs to be repaired or maybe you just have a question about the product.

In the case that you can’t get to a store then there is a few fabulous websites that we do highly recommend:

The number one being they regularly have fantastic sales.

They also stock a massive range of brands, from Chanel and Celine to Gucci and Givenchy, or our personal favourite Saint Laurent!

Some other sites worth a look at are:

Please also be aware that some hire companies have fakes available for hire, at Style Secret we are always happy to send a would be customer our proof of purchase as well as authenticity cards.

We pride ourselves on our reputation and are happy to answer any questions you may have about any of our bags.

Remember, if it the price seems to good to be true then it probably is a knockoff. Research Research Research!!!   Xx


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  • Hello I need help authenticating my YSL bag. I have a picture of the serial number but can’t make out the numbers.


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