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I bet you've tried a coffee scrub but have you tried a tea scrub?

We have! We recently tried the green tea scrub from the gals at Prettea Dirtea and it's fair to say we wont be turning back from here!

We also had the pleasure of interviewing Nahall, the creator of Prettea Dirtea. Have a read below, we love her honestly that running a business is a lot of work and especially the advice to support your friends instead of asking for freebies. Lord knows we get asked all the time!!


How did you start Pretteadirtea?

I have been creating my own body scrubs for many years. When I was a teenager, my girlfriends and I would have sleep over’s at my place and we would have facials with homemade products.

Both my sister and I are big tea drinkers, and green tea is full of antioxidants. We started playing around with tea. We shared our products with our friends and family. They loved it! While we were on the Gold Coast on holiday, we thought everyone has given us positive feedback, why not share our products with other women? Then the journey began.  

What has been your biggest fashion splurge?

My biggest splurge is my Chanel J12 watch.  

Who’s your style crush?

My style crush is Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl. Her style is divine. She has the right balance of lace, colour, pattern, beading and bling. I have loved her style since i watched GG in high school.   She has the right amount of accessories and can do no wrong!  

What do you never leave home without?

I never leave without my phone, sunglasses, wallet and sunscreen on my face.  

If you could swap wardrobes with anyone, who would it be?

Meghan Markle (after she married Prince Harry). I love her new style- it is so simple and so elegant. 

How would you describe your personal style?

I am very feminine in my style. I like to think elegant, classy and chic. I like statement accessories to take my outfit from simple to extra! 

What are you wardrobe essentials?

Black dress X at least 15 ( I love dresses. I have so many black, Navy & brown dresses. Some with polka dots, lace, patterns and with different cuts. I like to keep the outfit simple and dress it up)

Nice cut blazer

Nude ballet flats

A black pencil skirt

A white silk shirt

Nude heels – these will match everything!

(Tasteful print) Leopard print sneakers

A few nice scarves/shawls (I have a Burberry and a Balenciaga - among other everyday ones)

A pair of classy black leather gloves

Statement accessories – to take the outfit from simple to wow!

 What’s your favourite Style Secret handbag?

I have two favourites. The Saint Laurent croc embossed Chain Wallet in the grey and the black Givenchy Bow Cut Chain Wallet. I love how they are both elegant yet add glam to an outfit!

Where’s your favourite place to travel to?

My current favourite place is Nara, Japan. They have beautiful temples and deer that roam around the city. I really want to visit Positano and Cinque Terre in Italy. I am hoping to visit next year.

What is the hardest thing about running your own business that people don’t realise?

Running your own business goes beyond the number of instagram followers. It is such a slow and difficult process. A lot of time, money, tears, energy and many late nights go into running a business. Please don’t ask for free products. Many people run their business while working full time initially. If a friend has started a business- be supportive, don’t ask for discounts, encourage them, spread the word, tell your other friends and share their posts on social media.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

I love to play board games (favourite game is Catan)

 I love to bake and cook

 I love to binge on Netflix (which some chips or chocolate and tea)

I love to sing along to Mariah Carey (I have the worst voice!)

Person you’d most love to meet?

I would love to meet Mariah Carey! I am such a huge fan of her music. I have seen her in concert twice but would LOVE to meet her in person. 

You can shop the Prettea Dirtea range via their website:



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