Saint Laurent Nude Tassel Satchel Restoration

We recently  sent two of our Saint Laurent bags off for a small vacay at Royal Bag Spa in Melbourne.

If you haven’t heard of a bag spa before then your designer goods are missing out!

A bag spa will restore your most loved high end items back to their former glory.

Whether it’s small repairs, re-dying or a full restoration, a bag spa will cover all your needs.

They also mend shoes, belts and other small leather accessories.

The two bags we sent for repairs were our Saint Laurent medium nude tassel satchel and our Saint Laurent small blush pink tassel satchel.

Both bags were purchased from our fave site in August 2016 and due to their lighter colouring, wear and tear was definitely starting to show!

The nude YSL is our most popular bag so it did have a few scratches, discolouring and tiny bits of scuffed leather as well as stains on the inside. (see before & after pics.)

We initially reduced the hire prices of both bags to just $79 for weekend hire but stated they were reduced due to their conditions. This did not slow down the popularity of the bags!!

In January we thought enough was enough and as Jan is usually pretty quiet for us we organised to have both bags sent down to the amazing Alex from Royal Bag Spa.

The process is super easy, we sent both bags down via express post as time is always crucial for us, we were then given a quote and once we gave the OK the makeover process began.

Royal Bag Spa organises return shipment if you aren’t located locally.

The whole restoration and delivery process took less then three weeks!

They arrived back on a Tuesday and were both sent out that same day for their weekend hires.

We highly recommend giving your designer items a facelift, the price may seem steep to some but for us we pay a small fee to then have our beloved bags back out on the hire scene!


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