Why do we ask for an I.D check?

We get asked quiet often why we require such personal information  from our customers.

Upon hiring from Style Secret we ask for a copy of a current drivers licence and credit card to be either emailed or texted through to us.


We have a few reasons for why we need this documentation.


Sadly, in the past we have had thefts. When we contact the police we are able to pass along the I.D which was sent through to us. This has lead to our bags being recovered as well as charges being laid against the thieves.


Back in the days of renting a DVD you were required to show I.D/proof of address upon signing up as a member.

Our handbags retail for a lot more then the price of a DVD.

Some of our bags are exclusive limited edition pieces. We also have bags that retail for over 6k! So we think asking for a bit of extra security isn't to much to ask.


We are not at all offended if you wish to cancel your order rather then send through I.D.


All information is deleted once our bag is returned to us and checked over.


We do not charge your card unless you:

have returned a bag late

lost the dust bag that the bag came delivered to you in

damaged the bag

returned a bag with stains/marks that need to be professionally cleaned

lose a bag

theft of a bag


99.99% of our customers are absolute stars that return their hired bag in perfect condition but sadly there is the small percentage of people who do set out to do harm.


Please feel free to contact us with any other security issues you may have.

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