The Handbag Haven - water repellant protector

The Handbag Haven - water repellant protector


it’s so hard to find amazing leather cleaning products but don’t fret any longer! We’ve found our saviour, The Handbag Haven!

This UK based company ships all the way to Aus.

We now use their products on all of our bags. 


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As the final step in our leather and fabric care regime, our water repellent spray will provide optimum protection for your handbags, accessories and shoes against day-to-day dirt, grime and oil from skin contact as well as the inevitable stains and spills. Made in England and designed for use on the exterior & interior of your designer pieces, the spray will reproof leather and fabric items, preserving beauty and quality for years to come.


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Please note:
We now require a copy of a current drivers licence and current credit card (front and back) to be sent through via email or text after your order has been made.
We DO NOT send out bags until we have both of these items sent to us.

You are solely responsible for the bag once it is in your possession.
In the case of damage, theft or loss of goods, the cost to repair or replace the bag is your responsibility!
Style Secret reports all thefts to the police as well as legal action.